About us

Grupo TPB is a Portuguese multinational with a prominent place in the industrial, logistic and urban concrete floor sector. It is the market leader in the Iberian Peninsula and is expanding rapidly to new European markets and in North Africa.

With a history of three decades, the Grupo TPB follows a strategy of progressive and sustained growth based on two key factors: 


KNOW-HOW   | A team of professionals with extensive experience allows Grupo TPB companies to work the floors from their origin, from selection of raw materials to form and means of application on site. 

A WAY OF BEING | As important as know-how, is the way of being in the market, with employees, customers, partners and suppliers, always with the values that mark the path of the Grupo TPB.


Provide services, develop and market products with quality assurance, satisfaction and value creation for customers, partners, employees, shareholders and society in general, always on the basis of respect for safety, environment and social responsibility criteria.


Grupo TPB wants to be an European leader in the areas in which it operates, betting on innovation through experimental development and the incorporation of new technologies, as well as specialization of human resources as differentiating factors in the market.


Grupo TPB is recognized for its values of confidence, seriousness, professionalism, competence and quality. It is in respecting these values and principles of know-how and way of being that the Grupo TPB has created a culture that enables it to overcome increasingly demanding challenges.


“We are looking for excellence in every situation, we respect every kind of job and assume our work.”

Jaime Dias da Silva
Grupo TPB Founder

Grupo TPB

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