Grupo TPB has been working the floors from their origin

Areas of activity

The specialization in the ​​concrete floors industry, coupled with the permanent focus on customer satisfaction and the growing market demand, led the Grupo TPB to expand its offer, investing upstream in the manufacture and marketing of products, and downstream in the application of coating systems.


JRP is a national reference in the manufacture and commercialization of products and materials for concrete floors, especially dry-shake hardeners and metal formwork systems for expansion and construction joints.

In addition, it offers a wide range of machines, tools and accessories indispensable for the proper execution of any type of concrete floor.

Dry-shake hardeners

JRP Dry-shake hardeners are the result of a rigorous raw material selection process and offer concrete floors an excellent finish, high durability and wear resistance.


Specially developed for curing and treating concrete floors, the JRP liquids range enhances the strength and grip of the floor, enhancing its functional aesthetics.


With solutions suited to different types of traffic and environments, innovative load transfer devices, excellent finishes and optimized design, JRP formwork systems make it possible to make construction joints with greater durability and functionality on any type of concrete floor.

Desolidarization systems

JRP has a range of ready-to-use polyethylene low density desolidarization systems which meet concrete flooring specifities. It is available in film as well as in foam.

Structural Materials

JRP fibers, armours and welded mesh enhances the strength and durability of concrete floors.

Machines, Tools and Accessories

JRP complements its products and materials catalog with a range of machines, tools and accessories that are indispensable for the proper execution of concrete floors.

Concrete Floors



TPB - Tecnologia em Pavimentos e Construção, SA with its counterparts SOLEI, SL; JRP Maroc, SARL and SARL TPB France, based in Spain, Morocco and France, respectively, are specialized in the concrete floors execution and application, being sector leaders in the market where they are established.

Industrial Flooring

Whether they are industrial production units, commercial areas, cultural spaces, schools and hospitals, among other business areas, Grupo TPB has the right solution for every project with the guarantee of a high performance, resistance and durability floor.

Logistic Flooring 

Modern logistics, with increasing vehicle automation, new handling and storage methods, require high quality floors with increasingly specific requirements.

Grupo TPB develops industrial solutions adapted to the requirements of this type of flooring, following the construction methods that best suit and respecting the standards of each project, offering greater performance in warehouse operations.

Urban Flooring 

Grupo TPB urban flooring combine aesthetics and creativity with rigor and quality, providing urban, residential or commercial leisure spaces with style, functionality and durability.

Grupo TPB offers complete solutions for urban flooring according to the needs of each customer.

Special Works 

Decades of experience in concrete floor and construction allow the Grupo TPB to offer excellent services in the preparation of foundations, general construction and other  special works. Modern equipments and high technology, skilled technicians and an experient production department staff allow us to meet the growing market demands in this area.


INDUFLOOR is a specialized company in “PROGLASSFLOOR” polished concrete and high performance coatings, epoxy and polyurethane, leaving its mark on major works throughout the Iberian Peninsula, France and Morocco, always with the guarantee of customer satisfaction.


A solution that quickly and effectively combines the functionality and strength of industrial concrete floors with aesthetics.

It is a silicate-based surface treatment system that allows the sealing of the concrete, ensuring a high impermeability, glazed, shiny and non-slip surface.

A tested system in many countries, where it has been applied for decades and with excellent results.

Epoxy Coating

A self-smoothing and painting or colored quartz coating, suitable for industrial floors and commercial installations with high aesthetic requirements and high standards of resistance, allowing for smooth or non-slip, matte or glossy finish options.

Polyurethane Cement

Recommended for floors with high chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance requirements, this coating allows for smooth or non-slip, matte or glossy finish options.