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Grupo TPB Christmas party doubly supportive

Grupo TPB brought together its employees for the traditional Christmas party, which took place in Coimbra on December 29, a day marked by conviviality, entertainment and good cheer.


This year's event was doubly charitable: in addition to the bingo organized by the employees, the proceeds of which went to APEPI - Associação de Pais e Educadores para a Infância (Association of Parents and Educators for Children) in Pombal, the venue was also chosen for a social purpose.

The Conímbriga Hotel do Paço is owned by the ADFP Foundation - Assistance, Development and Professional Training, and all the profits generated by the structure are reinvested in the foundation's social mission - training people with disabilities and mental illness, supporting the chronically ill, children, young people, pregnant women or women with children, victims of abuse, refugees, the homeless and the elderly.